Yacht Management

& Maintenance

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Yacht owners know that maintaining it around salt water is an uphill battle from the start. Leaving your yacht unmaintained is the worst thing you can do, and it will cost you a lot more money in the long run. Maintenance is vital to keeping your vessel at its absolute finest (not to mention resale value).

Captain Martys Yacht Service offers bow to stern management and total Yacht care! From washing and waxing, checking all fluids and filters, assistance with all services due on engines, service running gear, zincs, prop repair, weekly start ups of all systems, A/C, electronics, generators, and pumps. We use high quality materials and will oblige any special preferences.

Hire A Captain With Experience

Captain Marty will spend a couple hours at least once a week on your vessel, depending on her size, going through all areas of boat and systems that are critical to keeping her sound. We also provide detailing of your vessel, inside and out, while docked.

If any work outside monitoring is needed, Captain Marty will contact the owner and discuss options on repairing found issues. If the work requires additional assistance, we have an arsenal of qualified and trusted techs to work with. Additional work and help will be billed out at competitive and fair hourly rate until issue is resolved.

To discuss your yacht management needs, please call Captain Marty 386-804-4242