Yacht Delivery

(Boat Relocation)

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Captain Marty’s Yacht Delivery Services offers professional yacht and boat delivery services at affordable rates. We take pride in our safety record and our on-time delivery performance. Whether you are transporting your yacht down the coast or across the Caribbean, Captain Marty has over 30 years of experience and will ensure that your vessel with be well cared for during the delivery journey.

It is encouraged that owners participate in the yacht delivery experience. The training and experience you will receive by having an active role during the delivery of your vessel is invaluable. Whether you choose to ride aboard or actively assist the Captain with the yacht delivery, it is the perfect opportunity to familiarize yourself with your boat and the many operating systems on board to operate the vessel efficiently and safely. This trip will also provide experience on handling your new boat under a variety of conditions.

Yacht Delivery By An Experienced Captain

Captain Marty provides yacht delivery and boat delivery services for private owners, boat builders/manufacturers, yacht brokers, and boat dealerships. From relocating your vessel to your new location, positioning for boat shows, delivery to new owners, transfers between dealerships, or simply moving your vessel south for the winter, Captain Marty is just a phone call away.

Please have the following information for Yacht Delivery requests:

  • Pickup and drop off locations
  • Cruising speed of the vessel (to determine the time it will take to travel the distance between pickup and drop off points)
  • Fuel capacity
  • Burn ratio (estimate of how many gallons per hour fuel burns so I can plan fuel stops)

If owner cannot provide, Captain Marty will research this information.

Please view our rates page for all of the potential costs associated with delivery of a vessel.

Post-Delivery Expectations:

Captain Marty will provide a complete and comprehensive report on the trip and anything that happened to the yacht out of the ordinary along the way and report back to owner with findings on vessel. From a captain’s perspective, this is invaluable information and well documented.

The Captain and First Mate will remove any trash we created from the boat and clean the inside of boat to the way it was upon boarding. We will do our best to return the vessel to owner in as good or better condition than when we got on her.

To schedule your yacht delivery please call Captain Marty at 386-804-4242