Vessel Orientation

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new vessel orientation

Captain Martys Yacht Service offers in-shore and off-shore orientation on your new vessel, regardless of your skill level. We can practice safe boating on a small pleasure craft or practice navigation on a larger scale to fit your boating needs.

Orientation of your vessel is an important step in having a safe and fun time on the water. Captain Marty will review your new vessel in length to demonstrate and explain much of the intercut parts of your boat or yacht. With over thirty years of experience, 250,000+ nautical miles logged, and over 400 different vessels captained, Captain Marty has the knowledge and experience you’re looking for. Learn you all about the rules of the road, right of ways, docking, maintaining and stowing your vessel, dock and bridge etiquette, local laws, and more.

Why Hire Captain Marty?

Captain Marty takes pride in his work and loves to pass on his experience and love of yachting.

“I’ve spent so many years accumulating knowledge, from shallow water operation, anchoring, using a davit, to the importance of pre-trip and post-trip inspections, and so much more. I’m a wealth of knowledge and I look forward to working with open minded people who enjoy proper boating/yachting and are willing to go the extra mile to make sure their family stays safe while they are under way with all the new knowledge.”
~ Captain Marty Ebding

Safety is Paramount. Knowledge is Power.

To setup your training session, please call Captain Marty 386-804-4242