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Captain Martys Yacht Service offers competitive and fair pricing. As you look over the rates, please keep in mind that Captain Marty is a 100 ton licensed USCG Merchant Marine Officer and the rates reflect his experience. He is a successful captain, on his seventh license, with over thirty years of experience and over 250,000 nautical miles logged at sea.

Captain Marty brings a wealth of information to the table and has expert knowledge of the proper way to handle and manage your vessel.

Captain Marty’s Credentials:

  • Dive Master
  • Medical First Aid
  • Oxygen Certified
  • TWIC Card
  • STCW 95
  • Firemen Certified
  • Towing Endorsement

Captain For Hire & Yacht Delivery:

  • Captain’s Fee: $500/Day
  • Mate’s Fee: $200/Day
  • Licensed Crew: $250/Day
  • Provisions: $50/Day Per Person (while on vessel)

Vessel Management:

  • Average $300/Month
  • Hourly Maintenance Rates: $85/Hour

Captain Martys Yacht Service does minor maintenance repairs. If Captain Marty is unable to perform the service, he has an arsenal of qualified vendors. Prices may vary.

Vessel Orientation & Training:

  • $85/hour (4 hours minimum)

Additional hours are charged at $85/hour. Includes systems orientation, docking, departing, turning, maintaining, local laws, pre-trip inspections, post-trip inspections, and anchoring. Captain Marty will answer your questions so you’re covered bow to stern!

Payment Terms & Conditions:

  • 50% deposit due when scheduling, with the remainder due upon arrival at end destination.
  • Rates include power or sail vessels.
  • A full day is 10-12 hrs or until we find our dock for the night
  • Captain’s work day is from dawn to dusk or marina targeted for the day (barring any unforeseen circumstances).
  • The transportation will be included in the final invoice, along with complete Captain’s report of delivery, stops, events, fuel, transient dockage, nautical miles, and receipts acquired during voyage.
  • The owner is responsible for all expenses incurred, transportation, meals, fuel, repairs, dockage, and any other expense incurred while delivering the vessel to its destination.
  • Once the vessel is docked at the final destination, the clock stops for the yacht owner.
  • Any sail boat needing to run 24 hours per day will require a captain and two crew members for nonstop travel and three hour wheel-watches (negotiable).
  • All boats/yachts require one captain and one crew member.
  • Yachts over 80 feet require one captain and two crew for safety reasons.
  • All of Captain Marty’s crew are qualified seamen and know how to treat your asset like it was their own.
  • If you are on a maintenance plan with Captain Marty’s yacht Service, cost should average $300/month, depending on vessel size. If we discover an issue, we will document it and send to the owner for review. Captain Marty’s rate is $85/hour for repairs and is insured up to $1,000,000 per incident for repairs. If Captain Marty cannot perform the repairs, he will hire qualified service on your behalf, which may incur additional charges.
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Example Cost Scenario:

A recent trip was for a 50ft grand banks motor trawler from Chesapeake Bay, VA to Pompano Beach, FL at 9 kts. Rental car to Chesapeake $250 a day, one day at half rates for travel Captain and crew to VA.

So driving up my rate was $175, mates were $75 totaling $225 plus $50 per diem gas $109 = $389

Second day we were on boat and up to full pay, $400 per captain $150 per Mate $50 per diem = $550 per day

Ten days later at end of delivery I was due balance for labor and food = $3536 plus rental car back home $189, gas for car $47, and $50 per diem on way home, for a grand total of $6086

I received $2500 deposit and was paid the balance $3586 upon end of delivery. We drive to and from yachts if possible, because we have to carry electronics, sleeping bags, suit cases etc., which can become expensive to fly with.